farm raised
V e n i s o n

Why spend a fortune on hunting stuff, sit in the cold for hours, then go
home empty handed during the deer hunting season this year when
something better is right here for you?

Farm raised venison is sweet, succulent and tender. Farm raised
venison is not gamey tasting like some venison harvested from the wild.

Our venison is sold by the side, cut, wrapped and frozen

Price includes the butcher costs for a normal cut and wrap of venison.

This is wrapped and frozen, boneless venison that you take home.
Steaks, chops, ground, tenderloin, roast.

Reserve yours with a deposit of $25 per side
Venison is not certified organic.
Our current deer herd is young and have
never received any antibiotics,
medications, hormones or wormers of
any kind.
During the spring of 2014 we hope to sell off all of our remaining deer herd. We
have decided the money we spend on them, the trouble with dealing with three  
government agencies to raise and sell them, and the space we must yield to them
is not justified, especially when we consider that we take a loss on them year after

Regulations require that we "sell" them while they are still walking around out
there in order to sell them to you as meat. So we are asking for a $25 deposit  for
each side of venison you would like to purchase.

A side should provide you with as little as 10# (deer veal) of boneless (very young
deer may contain a small bone in some cuts), cut, wrapped, and frozen meat from
a very young deer, up to about 30# of the same from a full grown animal. You will
pay the finished price on that weight, minus your deposit of course, and you can
decide how you want it cut and wrapped if you like. Otherwise we will specify it as
butterfly chops, whole tenderloins, steaks, a couple cubed steaks, some meaty
soup bones, ground, a roast or two and heart and liver. Size will somewhat dictate
what all can be done. Work will be done by a custom butcher in the Auburn area.

The deer are not certified organic, having taken them off the program some time
ago due to lack of demand for it coupled with the difficulty of accounting for them
all on our paperwork, dealing with multiple government regulations and a
perceived need to "worm" them. They are however still raised on certified organic
pasture and given certified organic feed daily, and all have been born on our farm
for many years now. The deer herd today consists of all young deer born in 2013.
None of them have ever been medicated in any way.

These are not wild deer, it is illegal to feed or sell wild deer in New York State. This
is a deer herd started years ago at our old farm and were originally stock
purchased from another legal deer farm in New York State.

Please let me know if you want to take this (probably) last opportunity to get a
share of delicious and succulent farm raised venison. After you try this you will
likely become a patron of some other deer farmer because you will agree it tastes
fantastic and we won't have any more to sell ! But act fast ! We want to have them
all out of here before early summer when government regulations will force us to
once again "account" for them with a state vet handling each of them for
government verification purposes. This is exactly why we want to get out of the
deer business.

Finished price will be $8 per pound of boneless packaged venison. Expect the
weight of a side to be in the 15 to 20 pound range.