Truly Free Range & Organic (of course)
raised on pasture and no-soy feed

Certified Organic and soy free

Fresh to be ready just in time for the
traditional turkey eating holidays.

$25 deposit required, $6 / lb minus deposit due at pickup
This is for a fresh turkey within a week before Thanksgiving.

We have Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys again this year.
They have proven to be the most preferred among our customers.   

They will be processed on the farm and offered fresh
the day after they are harvested, or frozen by request.

First deposits ($25) get first dibs on size.

Sizes should range from as little as 12 pounds to about 30 pounds.
Orders received very late in the season may be difficult for us to guarantee an exact size
request can be met. Early orders can be easily filled with nearly exact size requests.

They eat lots of grass and bugs and get supplemental Certified Organic Feed daily as well.
Instead of Soy in their feed, they are eating Flax, Sunflower and Field Peas.
They run around in the fresh air and sunshine and make a lot of noise!
This year we are again raising them soy free due to popular demand.
Previous years harvests proved that no turkey tastes better. Period.

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